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Welcome to Cannabella Kitchen

CannabellaKitchen is a cannabis edibles and concentrate producer located in Carson City, NV. Our goal is to provide Medical Marijuana dispensaries throughout Nevada with scientifically based, quality, holistic medicine. We see our mission extending well beyond simply providing medicine. We seek to help NV patients improve their quality of life.

About Us

Cannabella’s purpose in this industry it to help those in need of alternative cannabis medical solutions. In order to increase the benefit from cannabis and to truly better our community, Cannabella works to combine the elements of modern science, specific knowledge and a shared passion for helping others every day. Our goal is to ensure your cannabis medication experience is safe, effective as well as delicious.

Several members of our team currently operate successful cannabis businesses in Alaska and Arizona. Also, our team members have produced award-winning concentrates and edibles in Washington, Oregon, and Arizona.

Order List

At Cannabella, we are committed to creating safe edibles, pure concentrates, tinctures, syrups, and sub-lingual sprays. Our products are independently tested with accurate levels of THC.