THC Olive Oil - Available at Dispensaries Only

THC Olive Oil - Available at Dispensaries Only


Olive Oil Is Rich in Healthy Monounsaturated Fats, Antioxidants and has Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

1 Tbls = 10 mg of THC

Olive Oil helps to protects your heart. You can lower your LDL and raise your HLD cholesterol levels by using oils that are high in monounsaturated fats, which can protect your heart. You can also lower your triglyceride levels. The polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil are antioxidants that protect the heart and are anti-inflammatory.

Olive Oil aids in weight loss and helps to prevent obesity. Healthy fats like those in olive oil will regulate your insulin levels, controlling your hunger and aiding weight loss while preventing obesity. Diets low in fats usually work against weight loss because they lead you to be hungrier. So, get plenty of healthy fats in your diet.

Olive Oil helps to supports your brain. To think well and perform basic tasks, our brain requires fatty acids, and those found in olive oil are top on the list. Olive Oil will help improve your memory and your focus.

Olive Oil helps aid mood regulation. In addition to allowing you to perform well, fatty acids also help your brain regulate your mood. They balance your hormones and provide anti-inflammatory properties that aid in proper neurotransmitter function.

Olive Oil is great for your skin. Healthy fats found in olive oil can protect your skin from environmental toxicity, free radicals, food allergies, UV damage, and inflammation.

Olive Oil helps to balance your hormones. Olive Oil will help for PMS, menopause symptoms, or infertility. Get lots of healthy fats like those in olive oil to regulate the organs (adrenal gland, thyroid, and pituitary glands) responsible for balancing your hormones.

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